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The Classroom Materials at Little Pearl

kvikviThe basis of our approach is simple. Children learn most effectively through direct experience and through the process of investigating and discovering. Dr. Maria Montessori in her work mentions that most of the children do not learn by memorizing what the teacher told them or what they read in the text but rather through concrete experience and direct contact with the environment. Children need to discover and interact with everything that interests them. This lead Dr. Montessori to put the emphasis on learning from concrete stimulants. She developed specific techniques, material and aids for learning mathematics, sensorial and language development, science, history and geography.

vleky_300The individual material and aids are not the method, but rather the means that we use in order to stimulate the children's logical thinking and their desire to make discoveries. The materials and aids are simple and motivating – each is carefully developed to motivate children on particular level. Each material teaches the children only one thing and helps them to develop the skills for a particular period during which the child is ready. 

 Dr. Maria Montessori carefully studied the appropriateness and the concepts that are incorporated in each area that the children work in. She observed and recorded the procedures where most children learn. The way the materials and aids are categorized and arranged also respect the prepared environment:The teacher puts the material on the shelves in a way that follows the development of the particular topic of the educational program.

The materials are available at open, low shelves that are easily accessible even for the smallest children. They are lined up in the way that encourages the children's activity and in the way which does not confuse the children. All the materials have a specific place; materials in the shelves are arranged from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. The materials are arranged from the easiest one to the most complex one and from the most concrete one to the most abstract one.