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How to Find Out What Your Child Did at School

1snail_ikonWhen asking children „What did you do at school today?“ are you familiar with the response -   „nothing“? Or the child tells you that he or she was working with red wooden stairs or with the spoon and the beans? You do not need to worry. We assure you that your child is always busy at Little Pearl kindergarten and that he or she is doing various purposeful activities contributing to their development.

Small children often have problems saying what they did at school. The reason is that they were doing many different activities and they are not able to select the most important ones. Sometimes they do not even remember the name of the tool that they worked with – trinomical cube, blue and red rods, pink tower, etc.

How do you find what your child did at school?

1.       Ask concrete questions: „Did you count at school today? Did you build a tower? Did you draw?...“

2.       Arrange a visit to the kindergarten and observe your child

3.       You can briefly talk to the teacher while picking up your child or better still you might want to arrange a consultation meeting

4.       Attend the meetings for parents

5.       Play with the child at home pretending that you are in the kindergarten, children may be more inclined to show you what they did in the form of a game

6.       Be patient, time will show how your child learns and develops day by day.

Happiness is a sign of internal growth“. Maria Montessori